Saturday, December 17, 2011

in through the out door

hey sparklesnatches!

The idea of completely overhauling the shop & basically starting fresh with t&h has been floating around in my brain for long enough that i should give you gals fair warning. i have some big projects brewing that are soon to bubble over. Exciting things! that i think you will all be pleased with. While the re-vamping of twee & honey is not yet at a stage where i can give too many specifics, i want to give you a heads up so it doesn't come at you from behind. 

One thing i will comment on is the shop itself. i am considering options other than BigCartel. i don't take the decision to move the web shop lightly. i want things to be as simple as possible and changing the web address and entire layout of the shop, while meant to ultimately simplify your shopping experience, could potentially complicate things. 

Considering all the factors though, moving the shop may be the best way to go forward. it is possible that i may not re-open for business after closing for the holiday until after transitioning the shop to it's new home. i'll do my best to keep you guys posted along the way although i am not quite sure how the timeline will lay out. 

as always, thanks for your support.
your mama Cockbadger,

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