Tuesday, December 20, 2011

closing the books on 2011

Yuletide Greetings sparklesnatches! 

what a year eh? 2011 for me was quite a wild ride. i started early in the year gathering and reselling hard to find polishes like the China Glaze holos and SH Prisms then opened it up to sell selected current colors and finally decided to make my own. i had to learn so very many things on my own. there are entire days where all i do is make phones calls and do internet research. i could not have done it without the Gets Nailed group on ravelry. the support & feedback i get from all of you on GN, twitter and the people i interact with everyday is priceless. some days it's the only thing that keeps me going. 
 i want to apply the knowledge i have gained in 2011
and start afresh with t&h for 2012. and so,

the t&h shop on BigCartel will close for the holidays later today 
and will remain closed until further notice. 

while i am in holiday mode you will still be able to browse the tweeandhoney.bigcartel.com for reference. and there is a Signature color index on the blog here. as i have not yet decided if i am staying on BigCartel (and i am working hard on new products, stock piling and implementing these big changes all by myself) i cannot specify an official re-opening date at this time. i will, however, continue to take order requests via email in the interim for items on hand. custom requests will be considered on a case by case basis. inquiries should be addressed to tweeandhoney@gmail.com with a subject please. 
(like: Order, Custom request, Question etc...) order requests will need to be confirmed and and invoiced. i won't officially be back in work mode until January 3rd but i will still respond to emails in the meantime. it may take me some time to reply so please be patient. 

besides a better way for you to shop i am also working on a linear holo collection (yes, really Linear!), holo frankenbases for you home chemists, logos, labels & packaging and tons more. although the holo stuff may end up being limited edition i hope that gives you 
 something to look forward to for the new year :)

so thanks again everyone for going along with me on this adventure (and for reading this far lol)
a safe and Joyous Christmahannukwanzyuleka and Happy New Year to you and your family!

i leave you with a NOTD by GNs own nephthys8

 "Nail Magic Base Coat, SC Snow Me White, and Milani Red Sparkle… so much SV, I lost track"

a very classy christmhannukwanikus mani!

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