Thursday, July 7, 2011

t&h Disagreen swatchy notd

 Disagreen is one of the first colors i planned for t&h. 
The name is a Ravelry reference since i have a few colors named for the amusement of my polish hoars on LSG Gets Nailed. it's the color i attempted to mix up right after the spontaneously created 001. i went through a few batches, some too light, some too blue, some too thin... i kept mixing but didn't feel like it was quite what i was going for. somehow unfinished. <- like that sentence.

that was just from looking at it in the bottle and swiping it on paper. i disagreed with the color, not feeling i was getting the color i envisioned. it was a bit frustrating actually. i left the batch aside and moved on to other colors feeling this one was just not there yet.

last night while trying to organize the rest of the t&h colors 
i decided to pour this into a t&h bottle give it a proper swatching.this color that was so disagreeable and giving me so much trouble. i had pulled out Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover to top this with. thinking it would add that pop that i felt was missing from this green.

most accurate color representation so far.

i couldn't cover it up! to my amazement, it's even better that i had mentally pictured! just what i was going for. which proves (as if it had never been proven to me before time & time again) not to judge something based on looks alone. especially polishes. they look so different once they are on.

the moment i stroked the wet brush onto my nail i had to disagreen with my own self. "how could you think this color was blah? it's a magnificent green!" 
so i present to you, my sleeper favorite (shhh! don't tel the others!) 
 Disagreen, a disagreeably agreeable dark jelly green.

are there colors in your polish stash you are avoiding using because you disagree with them? have you had a color that you finally tried and were pleasantly surprised to love? do you agree or disagree with Disagreen?

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