Thursday, April 28, 2011

China Glaze holos, a brief history

       The China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection defines the holo category of polishes. Holo polishes were made before and companies continue to pump them out but almost no. other. comes. close.
China Glaze launched another holographic collection in 2008, OMG, possibly because the demand for Kaleidoscope was high but being Limited Edition, would not be reproduced. Equally “holo” & well designed, the OMG rainbow shines with the same full force as Kaleidoscope with an alluring beauty & sparkle that many other brands have attempted to capture in their holos but failed to achieve. OMG’s holo-y pieces are smaller and a tad bit more subdued than Kaleidoscope’s significantly larger, glittery-er pieces of holo particles.
I would not be able to choose one of the 12 piece collections over the other. Even with a loaded sling-shot pointed right at my face!
       If all of this is news to you, take a swim through the nail polish blogosphere, check forums like MUA (MakeUpAlley) and float through the myriad of NOTD (Nail of the Day) photos online. You only have to rest your eyes once upon a ChG holo manicure to feel it’s power & to see why so many have & continue to pay obscenely high prices on evilbay for them.
 It is EXtremely difficult to capture the magic of these holos on a camera and computer screen. I cannot do these polishes justice with my meager photography skills. I was very lucky to get a few good holo pics out of the hundreds I have shot of these colors. Both photos are Kaleidoscope colors. The top photo is Let’s Do It in 3D – possibly with topcoat, I can’t remember. Although, these Polishes do better withOUT topcoat as it tends to dull their shine. The next photo is Sexagon over Recycle (a creme grey also by China Glaze) Seeing these colors in person is a completely different experience from viewing them on your screen.
These will be available in my shop soon.
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