Thursday, December 29, 2011

NOTD Speciallità HITS no Olimpo Hera

NOTD Speciallità HITS no Olimpo Hera
it's a toss up between this and Hefesto for my favs of the Hits holos. 
it is a little more teal/green irl but i am trial and erroring the photo thing. (i really just need a new camera but that won't be happening soon.) still, considering how many photos i took before i got one worth posting (and how much time i spent on it!) i am pretty pleased with this one :) 

i am almost out of usable Poshe and no Olimpos very shiny on their own so i didn't topcoat. i forget how long polish takes to dry other wise! except for ChG holos which dry almost instantly i always use a super fast dry like Seche Vite or Poshe. it's been years since i have skipped topcoating and i am reminded clearly why. nail polish never dries! lol i dinged the middle finger i-don-t-even-remember-how like 30 minutes after i painted. a nice chunk scraped off :/ i dabbed a little more on Hera top and sealed with a thin layer of CND Speedey just so i didn't rinse & repeat the mistake. no topcoat on the rest. doesn't seem to affect the er, effect of the holo goodness. 
i can't wait til i get that HUGE bottle of Poshe I ordered on evil bay. i hope it's thin and fresh and nice. nothing like a brand new bottle of topcoat! i kind of ordered from a shady seller. not that 99.6% positive feedback should be considered shady but negative feedback is negative. sellers that handle thousands of dollars worth of product a week aren't going ot have every single transaction go smoothly. plus, i know first hand things can get lost in the mail and miscommunications can happen so i always check out how the seller responds to negative feedback. even those the seller i bought from had some very angry customers leave negative feedback the responses were all apologetic. unlike the seller that the Poshe for a couple dollars cheaper and with "better" feedback. that seller was tickle something or other. i will never never buy from that seller. in her responses to feedback s/he calls the buyers "idiots" and other nasties. packing things poorly and then expecting photgraphic evidence of spills before s/he will refund. grossed me out. i wish ebay had a way to block sellers so i can steer clear of bad ebayers.

sorry that was kind of ranty lol

i am really chatty today and only have the one decent picture! lol did you read this whole thing? that was sweet of you. really. i appreciate it. your karma level has increased by 5.
Happy Thursday to you!

ps just got a metric shit ton of glitters delivered. yippeeeee! i really don't want to raise your expectations too high but the relaunch is going to SPARKLE YOU BLIND!


  1. I think I need a hit of HITS. I've been resisting them since I am more into scatter holos than linear but damn!

  2. Lovely! BTW, you will LOVE Poshe. It "tops" (pardon the pun) anything I've used out there in the Industry. I've yet to find anything that compares (Although Gelous is a nice, safe, close, good glitter-taming 2nd).

  3. This mani is so lovely. Love the color and glitters. This mani is perfect for this coming holiday season.


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