Tuesday, April 30, 2013

let's start things off with a sale!

tiered discounts are back!
 discounts are automatically applied in cart and start at a subtotal of of only $11!

10% off jumps to 15% off at a subtotal of  $30,
20% off at $50, 25% off at $100, and so on...

go git yo shiny on girl! [or man!] mmm hmmm
team twee & honey will be in Maryland this weekend for the Sheep & Wool Festival (YAY sheep!)
MDSW is a bit of a drive down from New York and it's sure to be a whirlwind! i'm tying up some loose ends as the departure time approaches and one shipping day will be skipped, May 7th. shipping will resume on or before May 14th. hopefully the sale will ease the suffering of waiting ;)

i'll leave with a video of wee babeh sheepy lamb going BAAAAAA!
(cuz i find it hilarous & adorbabble XD)

have any sheepy videos to share? leave a link in the comments or post them to the facebook timeline!


PS wanna see sme swatches? the loverly Cristina at LetThemHavePolish has a heap of twee swatches 
under the brand tag

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