Saturday, June 8, 2013

t&h for The Verdant Gryphon

   exclusive one-batch-of-a-kind tiny glitterbombs! now, i am not sure how these babies find their way into yarn orders (i heard an odd rumor about gnomes o-0 ) but if you are a fan of yarn & fiber, like i am, you need to own you some Verdant Gryphon even if it comes sans lacquer!
   I have been lusting after Codex personally, but if your a knitter that hasn't squished Bugga- hurry & put THAT on your to-do list!

    Special thankses & bewb squishes to my artist friends ☠O☠O 

Heather took the t&h bee Micol created and frankened it with the wings from Gryphon's art! 
I love love love the wee Gryphbee!

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  1. So pretty! I was going to say best collab ever but I would be lying. SECOND BEST COLLAB!


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