Thursday, December 15, 2011

holiday update

you may be wondering: "hey! where are those Christmahannukwanzika glitters??? you tease!"

 armed only with a damaged point and shoot and an ithing camera i had to go and make a collection of cray glitters didn't i? lol what can i say? i'm learning as i go along. i can at least own up to my missteps.  while the photography adventures with the holiday colors taught me a lot the results were failtastic. it's a bit embarrassing but i have to admit that it's beyond too late to post these for holiday. (can you say duh?) i am pushing the release date into the new year -which is only a couple weeks away. i apologize to those that were waiting. and while this may come as a disappointment, i think what i have coming for January will make up for it. ;)

as always, i welcome questions, comments & suggestions. while i can only guarantee a reply for questions, i do appreciate & rely on all feedback. email or leave a comment on a post.

Thank You for your support! Have a Safe & Happy Holiday.

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