Friday, June 21, 2013

for TartanHearts, LIMITED EDITION nail polish & jewelry...

...a collaborative collaboration! 
the Limited Edition set is made up of...

three tiny handmade lacquers by twee & honey;
+mon ami (packed glitter topper)
+mon amour (cool shimmery spearmint creme)
+mon petit chien (vibrant yellow jelly with layers of shhhparkle!!!)

3 counterpart jewelry pieces handmade by TartanHearts
+a nail polish pendant (your colorway choice)
+& two sets of nail polish earrings! 

+coupons for your next twee & honey and TartanHearts purchases
+! a twee surprise or two ;)

the colorways are designed to compliment and play well with each other.

retail value is $52 but you'll get it for only $39! (shipping is included!) plus, you'll get those discount coupons,
nice deal right? :D

here are the links to the listings...

there will be another post with more photos in a wee bit when the listings go live!!

cheers for now (^_^*)

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