Friday, July 1, 2011

t&h 011 (grey) notd with Migi nail art

i started with this:
 this is one coat of 011 but i ended up adding a second a coat and thinning out the batch.

Can't leave clean canvas alone! plus, i had been playing with Migi pens all weekend. so, i added some hearts of 010 & 012 (lavender & mint respectively) with a dotting tool, yellow and pink hearts with Migi pens, some embelishments and a coat of fairy farts to get:

blurred slightly so you can see the holo space dust.

 check out that sparkle!

 i did this Monday today. Today is Friday and there is no tipwear or chipping to speak of.

 i am itching to change this up but how can i wipe of a perfectly good manicure?

 as always i used Stickey Base and Poshe topcoat but i usually have at least some cracks by now. it's a good thing i like these these colors! :)

i am so excited to see i have 12 followers! thanks so much. it warms my heart. really.
at 25 followers i will do a giveaway so spread the word!

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add me to your circles! i'd love to have more nail peeps in my stream.

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  1. very cute nail art!

    I got the swatches of the collections on google, so they're not mine. It would be nice if I had nice swatch plates haha


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