Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 2011 update

Howdy nail polish enthusiasts!
wow. there is so much to do to prepare even a small shop like mine to go live! i knew from the start it would be tons of work but it turned out to be even more involved than that. Any how, no excuses. it’s been a fun ride so far and i look forward to the journey ahead. i will keep working on finding a balance between my work life and business life, updating the blog consistently and getting better at the photography. in the meantime, i have added some colors to the t&h shop, continue to add info to the shop pages, and i am CONSTANTLY researching new product trends and sourcing products. that’s what most of the quiet time is about. behind the scenes, it’s all phone calls and emails and purchase orders. sounds boring but well, i quite enjoy it!
so about those product updates, the listings are up but not live. pictures have to be taken and swatches have to be swatched. there will be a presale time period where each bottle will be made to order. So anything marked “PRESALE” has to be custom made before it can be shipped out. as for the China Glaze holos (Kaleidoscope and OMG) the hold up is the pictures. if you are familiar with these colors than you know or at least have read online about how hard they are to represent on screen. and that’s what’s happening at t&h!
here’s a NOTD for ya

Sally Hansen Wet Cemnet with China Glaze Recycle and a t&h star appliqué

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