Tuesday, March 15, 2011

twee & honey

I sell things. cute things, sticky things, crafty things, miscellaneous things! Things that i like and love and want you to like and love. I am currently working on a nail polish line so keep on a lookout for that. I will most likely post those in the Etsy shop but it’s very possible I will post some of the early experiments and/or OOAKs right here during the development phase. To be clear, these are franken-style polishes, hand mixed from high quality materials. An LSG collection is inevitable! It’s taking up much space in my brain right now. Very excitingggg!!!!1!
Some of my other <del>demons</del> passions can be expected to spill out here as well: yarns, jewelry, belly dance and hoop related goods, ink, pen & paper and cosmetic things..
so yea, keep in touch!
747.333.Twee (8933)

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