Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my first 'nad Mani!

i dunno if i should start a separate blog for nail arty stuffs. i mean, it's still craft. it's definitely one of my demons. i can barely keep up with one blog i dunno if starting another is really... well, wise. we'll see. for now, here be m'first Konadicure!
(click pics to make huge)

OPI Parlez vous OPI?, m60 plate

i got the plates in the mail yesterday. super fast delivery from OCNailart. they are in California (right? i mean, it's "OC" nail art...) i ordered these Thursday past. Monday POs weren't delivering cause like, it was a holiday (US peeps) and then Blammo! they were delivered early Tuesday. i couldn't play with them til the end of the workday thouhg so i was crankypants allll day : (

this is my 'station' just fartzing around and becoming familiar with them.
(and making a mess : )

no that is not a real Amex gold card. i have a bunch of these fakes from junk mail. i am not using the Konad scraper because i don't want to scratch up my plates.

yes those are delicious Gothsocks i am wearing. Teenage Drama Queen my latest FO which has yet to be blogged. oh wait, i think i just did : )

i also did Jess'

Migi Pink and yellow (from the silver set), m57

in other news, i got a Lamy Safari for Valentine's day!

In Piiiiiiiiink! i has a pink Lamy yay!

China Glaze Recycle with Migi pink and yellow (from the Silver set)

that's the latest!

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